How to Edit PHP, CSS, and HTML in WordPress

Nov 08

0 How to Edit PHP, CSS, and HTML in Wordpress
How do you edit your WordPress Theme? do you want to change the styling, size of the header, width of the sidebars, alter the background color?
Of course a basic knowledge of html is needed. This video shows you haw to get to the php and css files in your wordpress theme, so you can edit.

Duration : 0:7:43

15 Responses to “How to Edit PHP, CSS, and HTML in WordPress”

  1. Jon Doll says:

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  2. valerieedenW says:

    Exactly what I was …
    Exactly what I was looking for – a simple overview of the possible ways to begin. So many tutorials assume you know the basics and I can’t tell you how many of them I have had to watch, only to shout, “But I don’t know how to get there!” LOL Thank you!

  3. Neil Williams says:

    Love the echo man : …
    Love the echo man :))

  4. konichiwatanabi says:

    ha! my name is joe.
    ha! my name is joe.

  5. simoneeeee95 says:

    you didn’t tell me …
    you didn’t tell me anything …

  6. d2makerxkaraoke says:

    This is a pices of …
    This is a pices of video….thank you for wasting my 7.5 minutes

  7. Tom Von Deck says:

    I got it. I had …
    I got it. I had multisite installed and that function is only network-wide. Now, I undid that and plan on three separate installs of WordPress. Makes life easier. Thanks.

  8. optahealth says:

    Ther is an editor …
    Ther is an editor under Appearance

  9. Tom Von Deck says:

    Can you explain how …
    Can you explain how to do this in WordPress 3? There is no “edit” page. I’m getting sick of WordPress and all its changes and obsolete tutorials. I need to add html code to my templates. Do you know how? Thanks.

  10. optahealth says:

     Got it fixed, …
     Got it fixed, thanks for letting me know

  11. azeem654 says:

    i am unable to go …
    i am unable to go to your website

  12. Belonpopo says:

    Can i do this on a …
    Can i do this on a free acount

  13. mcsalds says:

    Thanks you!;)
    Thanks you!;)

  14. reussphotography says:

    You have no idea …
    You have no idea how much you just helped me! I really appreciate you doing this. I couldn’t find this basic information anywhere. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  15. bostero1 says:

    I’m going to go …
    I’m going to go ahead and try that. I was actually looking for a css editor plugin that would work within the dashboard but now that I see what you’ve done it makes more sense to update the css directly via ftp. Thanks.

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