WordPress Tutorial – Use a Text Widget to Customize Sidebar

Feb 12

0 WordPress Tutorial   Use a Text Widget to Customize SidebarLATEST TUTORIALS: http://mcbuzz.wordpress.com
CODE FOR THIS TUTORIAL HERE: http://mcbuzz.wordpress.com/2008/08/28/wordpress-tutorial-how-to-use-text-widget-customize-wordpress-sidebar/
This Intermediate level WordPress tutorial shows how to use a text widget to customize a WordPress sidebar. To see the final product of the tutorial in the Business Blogging 101 website and the HTML code used in this example, go to http://mcbuzz.wordpress.com and search for “text widget”.

Widgets are a very useful feature of most new WordPress Themes. These are called “widget enabled” or “widgetized” themes or “widget enabled” or “widgetized” sidebars. They allow you to add custom content to your sidebars with little or no knowledge of HTML or other code.

In an earlier tutorial, I showed how to add Flickr photos to a WordPress sidebar using the Flickr photo widget.

The example I use in this tutorial shows how to create a custom text box with a short biographical note and part of that text is a link.

In PART TWO of this tutorial, I show how to insert an image into the same custom sidebar box, along with a LinkedIn profile “badge”.

You can use these techniques to put whatever you want into your own WordPress sidebar.

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14 Responses to “WordPress Tutorial – Use a Text Widget to Customize Sidebar”

  1. stephen620924 says:

    hi! i’m trying to …
    hi! i’m trying to get rid of a link in my sidebar but dont see it in the php file or as a text widget it just appears on my site but the php file doesnt seem to have any editable content or text

  2. mcbuzzvideo says:

    The …

    The code is available on my Business Blogging 101 website. YouTube does not let me put URLs in these comments, so you need to do a Google search for “Business Blogging 101″. You’ll find my site at the top of the page.

    On the BB101 site, use the search box in the top right of the page to search for “text widget”. The post you need is “WordPress Tutorial – How to Use a Text Widget to Customize a WordPress Sidebar”

  3. stephen620924 says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video!!

  4. manfandan says:

    what code did YOU …
    what code did YOU USE??????

  5. hulahop28 says:

    what when you have …
    what when you have a html text ?
    i`m trying to put it into text but it shows up as a html text on the page not as a figure?
    what should i do?

    thanks in advance

  6. sharkguy95 says:

    me too!
    me too!

  7. susubear13 says:

    Thank you so much!
    Thank you so much!

  8. megawealth1 says:

    Thanks for sharing …
    Thanks for sharing this with us, I was confused as to how this all worked but now have a much better ide.

  9. skaterlove7825 says:

    I’ having trouble …
    I’ having trouble because my widget page has a different theme s i cant do it how do i get a different widget theme??please reply :)

  10. videoaccountforcat says:

    Helpful video, …
    Helpful video, thank you. It would be great if you updated this to reflect WordPress’ new dashboard and widget choices.

  11. SirFluff123 says:

    Thank you! That was …
    Thank you! That was SERIOUSLY helpful! Yay!

  12. sonicminneapolis says:

    Thank You So Much! …
    Thank You So Much! Now I Can Make My Website Better! :D

  13. SCOOBYisMAD says:

    =( i really needed …
    =( i really needed to know how to put a picture or a video there!

  14. selinisyd3 says:

    this was absolutely …
    this was absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to see the rest of your videos

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